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Acquired a TON (literally) of 'STEEL CORE' 7.62x39mm "Military Issue" Ammo (in Tins of Both Soviet & Chinese

RARE Partial TIN of Soviet 7.62x39mm from 1976 & some LOOSE/Bundles of Soviet STEEL CORE 7n6 AK-74 Ammo (5.45x39mm)

, along with Red Army Standard 5.45x39mm & Red Army Standard (Vympel) 7.62x39mm at the June 1st & 2nd, 2019 Tanner Gun Show!

See SOME of the Photos BELOW, or CALL (720) 940-1458 for More Info

Also received some 20rd. Boxes of Chinese 'China Jing' (Norinco) 7.62x39mm Lacquer-Coated Ammo (see photos)


Chinese STEEL CORE Ammo in SEALED 720rd. Tin, or Open 550rd Tin on Stripper Clips!

AK47World.com acquired both Chinese & Soviet STEEL CORE 7.62x39mm Ammo at the June Tanner Gun Show in Denver !!!

AK47World also acquired one 1080rd. Tin of Soviet 7n6 AK-74 Ammo (5.45x39mm)

that "ISIS Boy" Obama BANNED from Import after the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada !!!

CALL (720) 940-1458 to be GET THIS RARE STEEL CORE 7.62x39mm & 5.45x39mm Ammo BEFORE it's ALL GONE !!! 20190603_10380820190603_10380220190602_17172720190602_171624

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Also, this Website will be UPDATED SOON, so PLEASE Stand By as MORE CONTENT is LOADED !!!

For further INFO, or to purchase products, please contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com

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Romanian 75rd. AK Drum photo 20161112_153337.jpg

Brand New Romanian 'Red Army Standard'
75 Round Drums $114.95 + shipping !!!

To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com



Chinese 5x30rd. Mag Pouches NOS Recently FOUND in Chinese Warehouse $19.95ea. + shipping !!!

Also rec'd a Small # of NEW Norinco 30rd. STEEL AK-47 Mags - $49.95 + shipping !!!

To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com



Chinese 'Poly-Tech' 3 Steel AK-47 Mags CLAMP -
Much Stronger than Cheap
Made Sheet Metal Mag Clamps makes a GREAT 'Rifle Stand' to
DISPLAY AK's on Gun Show Tables - $24.95 + Shipping !!! 
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Soviet-Style AK or SVD Scope Mount by Zenit of Belarus

that Kalinka Optics can No Longer Get - $59.95 + Shipping !!!



Soviet Type 1 Original AK-47 of 1947 Bayonet usually found on MILLED AK's

AK47World.com Price ONLY $50 + Shipping, as APEX wants $90 + shipping for theirs!

AK47World also has another Type 1 Soviet AK-47 Bayonet that Needs Grip Screws for $30 + Shipping!



Nice Used Russian/Egyptian-Style AKM Stock Set with Grip Options ($99 with Polymer Grip) !!!

Wood Grips are $50ea. with $10 extra for Grip Screw & Base!



Soviet RPK Laminated Wood Pistol Grips $69.95 + shipping

(with Grip Screw & Base - or $59.95 + shipping w/o Grip Screw & Base !!!

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REALLY NICE Bulgarian Dark Wood AK-47 Grip

only $50 + shipping ($70 elsewhere) !!!

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200 Rounds of "Chinese Dark Chocolate Color" Lacquered 7.62x39mm AK & SKS Ammo = $12 PER BOX of 20rds., or $120 for 200 rds + shipping

To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com



LOOKING to BUY INERT RPG-7 Rocket Launchers & PG-7 Rockets & INERT Sagger Missiles = CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!

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Low Cost Taiwan Mfg. Repro of "Russian Red" AK-47 Stock Set only $99.95 + Shipping !!!

To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com



SKS "Vietnam Military-Issue" Stripper Clips $2 ea.



Russian Military-Issue 7.62x39mm Ammo

1400 Round Wood Crate - 7.62x39 123 Grain FMJ Barnaul Mil-Spec Ammo

in Spam cans - Lacquer + Sealant $399 Shipped to CONUS !!!



DDR MPKi-69 New-Unissued E. German Polymer Stock Set $89.95 + Shipping


Serbian 'Grenade-Launcher' (Spigot) for standard 14 x 1mm
LH Threaded AK's - fires U.S. M-31 'Rifle-Launched' Grenades, also Israeli, Serbian, French/NATO issue
& Swiss Rifle-Launched Grenades from your AK with Standard AK blanks SOLD OUT !!!
'Super Deal' for Quanity of these Launchers 'in-the-white' (unblued) - at $3 each with USPS 'Flat-Rate' Shipping !!!
 To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com
AK Thread Adapter photo AKthreadAdapter-1.jpg
MAK-90 & Non-Threaded AK Thread Adapter for 14 x 1mm Metric AK Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake Thread Devices - $24.95 + SHIPPING !!!

Also if you WANT to 'Buy Something' for your AK or Combloc Weapons,

 anything here please contact (720) 940-1458
Hello, if you check with the Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder, Colorado
AK47World.com & Daniel King have an A+ Rating, HAD an Excellent Feedback record on eBay before the Ebay Clowns BANNED the EVIL 'Assault Weapon' Parts that I SOLD (as others STILL SELL so-called AK Parts & MagPul) on eBay !!!



 photo ChineseUppers.jpg

Chinese & Warsaw Pact Upper Handguards $10 to $19.95 - send e-mail for ALL Uppers that are available !!!

 photo ChineseNorincoAKM-47-1.jpg ChineseAKsling2ChineseAKslingPLAtype56AK

Genuine 'Pre-Ban' Norinco "Type 56S" AK-47 Sling Factory - OEM correct Canvas Sling for Chinese AK-47 Rifles (not SKS Slings with leather on both ends) $19.95ea + shipping !!!
SVD KIDS photo isischildrenfighters_featured.jpg
Scope with Throw Lever Mount photo SCOPE.jpg
   AK Receiver Rails in plastic (new) $20
Have a Like New Warsaw-Pact AKM (Non-Vented) Gastube - SOLD OUT !!!
AMD-65 Gas Tubes                $5ea.
AKM lower Retainer plates  $15
  AKM High Quality European Single-hook Triggers @ $3 ea.
  High Quality European AK Hammer Springs @ $10 each 
 High Quality European AK Hammers European $5 ea. 
  Russian AK-74 Mag floorplate  $5
   AK Gas Pistons       $5 ea.
  Complete "Double-Hook" Trigger
GROUP $35ea. (Trigger, hammer, Sear & sear spring).
  AK-47 Sears with & w/o tails $5 ea. & w/o tails $4 each 

Upper Handguard Insulator photo AK_PARTS_003.jpg

Upper Wood Handguard Insulator $3 + Shipping !


RARE Chinese 20rd. AK Mag = SOLD to a Norinco Collector - CALL (720) 940-1458



Norinco Pre-1994 U.S. Imported 100rd. & 75rd. Drums SOLD to a Norinco Collector !!!



QR bipod photo IMG_20140427_173911293.jpgpile if QR bipods photo IMG_20140427_173859563.jpg
Important NOTICE: These Chinese Norinco/NcStar Quick Release Bipods were recently discontinued

by Norinco/NcStar, because the Chinese have seen that 'Millennials' would rather buy $1,000 iPhones

or consumer crap on Amazon & PLAY 'Video War Games' like Tour of Duty - instead of buying AKs & AK Bipods !!!

SOLD OUT= resupply UNCERTAIN !!!
 (*Note: will NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
Image result for ak front sights

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REALLY NICE Romanian AIMS-74 Bolt, Carrier & AIMS-74 Gas Tube with Bakelite Upper = SOLD to a Romanian AK-74 Collector in Florida !!!



Norinco Vented Gas Tube SOLD to a SMART Norinco Collector

in Minnesota on GunAuction.com for $39.95 + shipping = Call 720-940-1458



Actual Soviet AKM New Stock Set with RPK Pistol Grip - SOLD to a Return Colorado Customer recently !!!

To purchase other Nice AK Stocks - contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com


Also while THIS WEBSITE is Primarily a Site for the SALE of AK & Combloc Weapons Parts & Ammo,

it's also a website that EXPOSES LIBS who want to TAKE AWAY OUR 2nd Amendment Rights !!!

NEWS FLASH - Jan. 9, 2019 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

'Democrap Scum' from New Jersey = Senators Cory 'Spartacus' Booker D-N.J. &

'Little Girl-Pedophile' Sen. Bob Menendez D-N.J. (who should be in Prison)

'introduced their Moronic "2019 Assault Weapons Ban" on Jan. 9, 2019 !!!

BANNING the SALE or Transfer of So-Called 'Assault Weapons' (AKs, ARs, HKs, etc.) !!!

https://www.menendez.senate.gov/news-and-events/press/menendez-booker-colleagues-introduce-assault-weapons-ban /////////////////////////

Had a Board Fairy ('Little Boy') at a Recent Gun Show

WHINE about WHY New Norinco Mags were MUCH HIGHER-Priced than

European Mags, cuz the 'Little Boy' didn't want to HEAR

the 'Politics' of Bill Clinton's May 22, 1994 Executive Order making ALL

Chinese 'Military-Issue' AK & SKS Parts/Mags/Guns into "Implements of War',

while EXEMPTING Russian & Warsaw-Pact (Eastern European AK & SKS Parts)

from Import into the USA after May 22, 1994 !!!



BEWARE of 3 Position AK Receivers from China, Egypt & Russia

that ARE OUT THERE = as the ATF can Charge You with

"Illegal Machine-Gun Possession" with 3rd Axis Pin Receivers!!!


NEWS FLASH - Jan. 9, 2019 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

'Democrap Scum' from New Jersey = Senators Booker

& Menendez (who should be in Prison) introduced their "2019 Assault Weapons Ban" on Jan. 9, 2019 !!!

BANNING the SALE or Transfer of So-Called 'Assault Weapons' (AKs, ARs, HKs, etc.) !!!


Scumbag Sen. Cory Booker said 'This assault weapons ban

is a common-sense solution, supported by a majority of

('brain-dead' Democrats only) Americans, that will keep weapons

meant for the battlefield (really, how Douchebag?)

outside of our schools, movie theaters, churches, and other public places.

(Really Ass Clown = HOW with your 'Magic Safety Wand' Legislation?)

This should not be a partisan issue because it is

really a matter of public health and safety! (like in Calif. & Chicago?)


Case in Point = "Liberal #FakeNewsPunks", like Jeremy Jojola of 9news in Denver

SLAM Trump for his #SHUTDOWN for the Border Wall

while ignoring the FACT that Trump only wants to PROTECT Americans from illegal-Alien Criminals,

as 'Punk Boy' Jojola NEVER said a Word about Obama's 15 Day Shutdown in 2013

to FORCE us to buy Obama's illegal Mandatory Obamacare CRAP !!!


And then there's #FakeNewsBoy - Kyle Clark of 9 News #KUSA

who stupidly says "The NRA's Products put Holes in People" !!!

And these 2 #AssClowns work at the Trump & GOP-hating 9 News in Denver, Colorado

and who constantly LIE about Trump, Republicans & the #Border Wall !!!

And the DANGER in these ISIS & Illegal Alien-Loving #FakeNewsTurds

is that the MORE Homicidal illegals that Democrats LET into the USA

the More Shootings it Yields the Democrat Gun Control Scheme

to 'TRY' to TAKE AWAY our AK's & AR's, etc. !!!

Also a Dec. 22, 2018 post from Trump-backer Kristy Greczkowski (on Facebook) said,

"Oct 2013, Obama shut down the government for 16 days to force Obamacare.

A friendly reminder America. Secure our borders."

(The post was TAKEN DOWN by Facebook 'NAZI' = Mark Zuckerberg

as part of Facebook's HATRED of Conservatives & Trump Supporters

in what Facebook said was, "An effort to combat false news and misinformation on Facebook") !!!



Oh, oh 'Board Fairies' = I'm BACK !!!

As I continue to FRUSTRATE 'Little Boys' on their Juvenile Gun Boards -

TRUE Collectors & those SEEKING OEM AK & Combloc Weapons Parts KNOW

this is the PLACE for COOL AK & Combloc Stuff !!!

And hey boutcha Punk, I'm 'Re-Paying' what you did on eBay

to others SELLING the SAME STUFF

as I was + we'll CALL the 'boutcha Purge' !!!

What Goes Around = Comes Around !!!