AK47World.com - We Don't Make the AK-47s you Buy - We just Make the AK-47s you Buy - Better !!!



Now that the Idiot 'DemonCraps' Coup D'Etat (Impeachment SCAM) FAILED

Guns are Likely to be NEXT with 'Looney-Tune', Emotional DEMS, who will likely make demands of

an Immediate Ban/Halt on the Sale of Semi-Autos, Hi-Cap Mags & Ammo Restrictions !!!

Remember it's BETTER to HAVE IT & Not Need It - than to NEED IT & Not Have it !!!


Be SURE to visit the AK47World.com at the Feb. 15 & 16, 2020 Tanner Gun Show

at the Denver Mdse. Mart at Interstate 25 & 58th Ave., Denver, Colorado.

451 E. 58th Ave. Sat. Feb. 15 from 9am-5pm & Sun. Jan. 16, 2020 from 10am-4pm

with Free Parking = Call (720) 940-1458 for MORE INFO !!!



In the Photo (above) Morons with 'Shit for Brains' are being conned into shelling out $3200

for a 'Fake Dragunov' with NO Bipod, not 'REAL SVD Magazines' & at best = a 'DMR' (Designated

Marksman Rifle), NOT a True 'Sniper' Weapon, as the Zastava M-93 (PICTURED ABOVE)

& now renamed as an 'M-91' = is basically a 'Fancied-Up PSL type RPK' for TWICE the Price of a PSL

(which has easier-to-find-mags) vs. AK47World's BETTER Zastava M77-B1 .308 RPK/Sniper DEAL (below)!!!


Remember that AK47World is NOT an FFL, but AK47World WANTS your Cases of Chinese AK Ammo,

your Romak-2, SAR-2, CUR-2, WUM-2 & SLR-104 AK-74 Rifles, along with SAR-1 & WUM-1,

CUR-1, Romak MK-1 & other 'Non-WASR-10' Romanian AKs (the Oldies, but Goodies) !!!



So as a 'MUCH BETTER VALUE (due to its 'RARITY' & Extreme Accuracy' with its RPK Bipod)

AK47World WILL TRADE a 'New-Unfired' RARE Serbian M-77B-1 'Sniper/RPK' in .308 (7.62 NATO) for

a 'less accurate' Norinco NDM-86 Dragunov ($750 MSRP in 1989 vs. a $1700 M77B-1 at that time in 1989)

or for AK Ammo, Mags, Drums, or the Early Romanian AK-47s & AK-74s named above !!!

"> ///////////////////////////////////

Chicom 7.62NorincoSTEELcoreAmmonorTinsChicomTins

ATTENTION to those who HAVE Cases of Chinese 7.62x39mm Ammo

Don't MAKE the Mistake of Taking TOO LITTLE $$$

for your Chinese 7.62x39mm Ammo, as a Recent Seller DID !!!

And also because AK47World will GIVE you NICE Guns, or $$$

or REALLY NICE AK's, SKS Rifles, Pistols, etc.


CALL (720) 940-940-1458 to get TOP $$$ or Nice Guns, like a Brand New Smith & Wesson

M&P-15 (AR-15 Type Rifle) for your Chinese 7.62x39mm AK/SKS Ammo !!!


AK47World.com for 21 YEARS has ALWAYS Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

if items SOLD by AK47World are defective, or broken during shipment,

or for some reason, a customer decides that they simply

don't like the product, then a REFUND will be granted,

minus the shipping charges within 15 days of purchase!

You may contact AK47World.com at P.O. BOX 44, Denver, Colorado 80201-0044,

or by calling (720) 940-1458 during 8am to 8pm Mountain Time Hours. Thank You !!!



Bulgarian/Russian 4 piece AK-103 Style Stock Sets (Stamped or Milled) ON SALE $89.95 + Shipping!!!



Bulgarian 9x18mm Makarov Pistol 'Like New'

or Walther 9x19mm CCP Pistol = WILL TRADE either for

1 Case of Chinese 7.62x39mm AK Ammo !!!


Also, since the Communist 'DemonRats' in Colorado will BEGIN to ENFORCE a NAZI

No Due Process "RED FLAG" Gun Confiscation EDICT starting in Jan. of 2020

& since Wyoming doesn't seem like a good place to base AK47World,

AK47World will TRADE OFF several FINE AKs, RPKs, SKS Rifles & ARs to PREVENT

NAZI 'Gun Grabbers' from seizing them & because the Morons at the V.A. have sidelined

the owner of AK47World with SEVERE Pulmonary Hypertension, COPD & other BAD STUFF

from the poison known as Amiodarone, which is WHY AK47World has not been seen

at the Tulsa Wanenmacher Gun Show for the last couple of years !!!


Below are SOME of the FINE Weapons AK47World will TRADE OFF for Cases of Combloc Ammo, INERT RPGs, Saggers, Parts, Mags, etc.

(Note: All Firearm Transfers will be DONE thru an FFL Dealer - but WHO ELSE WILL GIVE you

Nice Guns for those $99 Cases of AK Ammo you bought before the Waco Standoff, or AK Mags/Drums, Parts, etc. !!!)

///////////////////////////////////////// IMG_20190929_171116122IMG_20190929_171110269_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20190929_171318453IMG_20190929_171241132_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20190929_171210255IMG_20190929_171158126_BURST001


Century Arms RAS-47 Wood Stock Set (minus the Century AK-47 Rifle & Pistol Grip) $69.95 for 3 piece Wood Stock Set

or $79.95 + shipping with Black U.S. 922(r) Pistol Grip, or with Red/Brown Combloc Pistol Grip for True AKM-style LOOK !!!



Brand New Romanian 'Red Army Standard' 75 Round Drums - Back in Stock as of Jan. 31, 2020

- $114.95ea. - to purchase = contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com



Chinese 5x30rd. Mag NOS Pouches were Recently FOUND in Chinese Warehouse $29.95ea. + shipping !!!

Also rec'd a Small # of NEW Norinco 30rd. STEEL AK-47 Mags - $49.95 + shipping !!!

To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com



Chinese 'Poly-Tech' 3 Steel AK-47 Mags CLAMP -
Much Stronger than Cheap
Made Sheet Metal Mag Clamps makes a GREAT 'Rifle Stand' to
DISPLAY AK's on Gun Show Tables - $24.95 + Shipping !!! 



SKS "Vietnam Military-Issue" Stripper Clips $2 ea.



Russian Military-Issue 7.62x39mm Ammo

1400 Round Wood Crate - 7.62x39 123 Grain FMJ Barnaul Mil-Spec Ammo

in Spam cans - Lacquer + Sealant $399 Shipped to CONUS !!!

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// **********************************************


Soviet Type 1 Original AK-47 of 1947 Bayonet usually found on MILLED AK's

AK47World.com SOLD ours for $40 to some Russians at the Tanner Gun Show for $40 while APEX wants $90 + shipping for theirs !!!

AK47World also has another Type 1 Soviet AK-47 Bayonet that Needs Grip Screws for $30 + Shipping!

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// **************************************************************


Soviet RPK Laminated Wood Pistol Grips without Grip Screw/base.

Warsaw-Pact Grip Screw & Base $15 + Chinese Grip Screw & Base = $10 (plus shipping for both) !!!

////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////


REALLY NICE Bulgarian Dark Wood AK-47 Grip

only $50 + shipping ($70 elsewhere) !!!

 /////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

AK47World has recently acquired a BUNCH of Soviet & Chinese 'STEEL CORE'

7.62x39mm & 5.45x39mm (7n6) "Military Issue" Ammo (in Tins of Both Soviet & Chinese !!!

including an unopened TIN of Soviet 5.45x39mm (7n6)

& some LOOSE/Bundles of Soviet STEEL CORE 7n6 AK-74 Ammo (5.45x39mm), too !!!


See SOME of the Photos BELOW, or CALL (720) 940-1458 for More Info

Chinese STEEL CORE Ammo in SEALED 720rd. Tin, or Open 550rd Tin on Stripper Clips!

AK47World.com acquired both Chinese 7.62x39mm STEEL CORE & Soviet STEEL CORE 5.45x39mm Ammo in June !!!

AK47World's 1080rd. Tin of Soviet 7n6 AK-74 Ammo (5.45x39mm) for $300 + shipping = only 27.777 cents per round !!!

that "ISIS Boy" Obama BANNED from Import after the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada !!!

CALL (720) 940-1458 to be GET THIS RARE STEEL CORE 7.62x39mm & 5.45x39mm Ammo BEFORE it's ALL GONE !!! 20190602_17172720190602_171624

//////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////


200 Rounds of "Chinese Dark Chocolate Color" Lacquered 7.62x39mm AK & SKS Ammo = $12 PER BOX of 20rds., or $120 for 200 rds + shipping

To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////


Soviet-Style AK or SVD Scope Mount by Zenit of Belarus

that Kalinka Optics can No Longer Get - SOLD in June 2019 at the Tanner Gun Show in Denver !!!


AK47World.com for 21 YEARS has ALWAYS Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

if Our Items are defective, or broken during shipment !!!

If however a customer decides that they simply

don't like the product, then a REFUND will be granted,

minus the shipping charges within 15 days of purchase!

You may contact AK47World.com at P.O. BOX 44, Denver, Colorado 80201-0044,

or by calling (720) 940-1458 during 8am to 8pm Mountain Time Hours. Thank You !!!

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ********************************************************************************

Also with the Soros Bitch Dems in Virginia becoming the 'Lead NAZIS' in the Soros DISARMING of America Scheme

AK47World is NOW becoming a Leading Advocate of being READY for a Possible "Boogaloo" (Google it...) Movement !!!

As Democrats & their 'Puppet Master' George Soros stage for some really BAD STUFF !!!

And NOW with ALL this Democrap Trump was MEAN to the Poor Iranian Terrorists = "Gun-Grabbing" will undoubtedly become the Dems NEXT STEP !!!

So, you don't want to be caught without 'AMPLE SUPPLIES' of Ammo, AK Mags & other IMPORTANT 'Boogaloo' items when "Gun-Grabbing",

"Drunk-with-Power" Democrats PUSH for Immediate HALTS on the SALE of Guns, Ammo & Hi-Cap Mags !!!

Also, this Website will be UPDATED SOON, so PLEASE Stand By as MORE CONTENT is LOADED !!!

For further INFO, or to purchase products, please contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com

*************************************************** ">/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

 photo ChineseNorincoAKM-47-1.jpg ChineseAKsling2ChineseAKslingPLAtype56AK

Genuine 'Pre-Ban' Norinco "Type 56S" AK-47 Sling Factory - OEM correct Canvas Sling for Chinese AK-47 Rifles (not SKS Slings with leather on both ends) SOLD OUT at Tanner Gun Show on Dec. 7, 2019 !!!


Low Cost Taiwan Mfg. Repro of "Russian Red" AK-47 Stock Set - MINUS the Pistol Grip - as Grips are currently NOT available - $69.95 + Shipping !!!

For a Black U.S. 922(r) Plastic Pistol Grip $5 or $10 for Red or Brown Plastic Combloc Pistol Grip = call (720) 940-1458 or:

additionally - actual Soviet Laminated Wood Pistol Grips are available at $65 each + shipping !!!




Nice Used Russian/Egyptian-Style AKM Stock Set with Grip Options (SOLD Recently) !!!

Wood Grips are $65ea. with $10 extra for Grip Screw & Base!



DDR MPKi-69 New-Unissued E. German Polymer Stock Set SOLD !!!


Serbian 'Grenade-Launcher' (Spigot) for standard 14 x 1mm
LH Threaded AK's - fires U.S. M-31 'Rifle-Launched' Grenades, also Israeli, Serbian, French/NATO issue
& Swiss Rifle-Launched Grenades from your AK with Standard AK blanks SOLD OUT !!!
'Super Deal' for Quanity of these Launchers 'in-the-white' (unblued) - at $3 each with USPS 'Flat-Rate' Shipping !!!
 To purchase contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com


LOOKING to BUY INERT RPG-7 Rocket Launchers & PG-7 Rockets & INERT

or 'Rubbie Duckie" (U.S. Army Plastic Training Models) Sagger Missiles = CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////// IMG_20190925_172258218IMG_20190925_172252763

Romanian AK-47 Dong (SEEN ABOVE) SOLD on Sunday, Sept. 29 to a Collector on the Internet = SNOOZE & LOSE !!!


$100 REWARD for THIEF WHO STOLE 2 E. German Bakelite AK-74 Mags !!!

On Saturday, September 21, 2019 a Thief (Jason) STOLD 2 E. German Bakelite AK-74 Mags

from the tables of AK47World.com at the Tanner Gun Show

at the Denver Mdse. Mart, 451 E. 58th Ave., Denver, Colorado

A $100 REWARD is NOW BEING OFFERED for the Arrest of the SCUM

who STOLD these 2 New E. German Mags, as SCUM

like them doesn't BELONG in Gun Shows, as they

might STEAL a Gun if they have a chance to in the future = CALL (720) 940-1458 for details!


AK Thread Adapter photo AKthreadAdapter-1.jpg
MAK-90 & Non-Threaded AK Thread Adapter for 14 x 1mm Metric AK Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake Thread Devices - $24.95 + SHIPPING !!!

Also if you WANT to 'Buy Something' for your AK or Combloc Weapons,

 anything here please contact (720) 940-1458
Hello, if you check with the Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder, Colorado
AK47World.com & Daniel King have an A+ Rating, HAD an Excellent Feedback record on eBay before the Ebay Clowns BANNED the EVIL 'Assault Weapon' Parts that I SOLD (as others STILL SELL so-called AK Parts & MagPul) on eBay !!!

*********************************************************** ////////////

13355-1-large D

.50 Caliber Barrett M-82/M-107 Magazine was TRADED for AK Mags at the Denver Gun Show Oct. 19 !!!



AK47World recently acquired a 'New-in-Wrap' Reed/Knight SR-25 20 round .308 Magazine that SELLS

was TRADED for AK Mags at the Denver Gun Show Oct. 20 !!! !!!

(Note: The Reed Knight SR-25 .308 AR-10 Style Weapon was developed

& used by U.S. Special Forces Troops as a "Mark 11 Mod 0 Sniper Weapon System"

in Afghanistan & other Theaters of Operation!

*********************** //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Also AK47World's CIA & U.S. Military Intelligence Customers have DISCLOSED that U.S. Intel SHOWS

George Soros-Funded Groups Like Antifa & Others are being ARMED RIGHT NOW to Engage

in ARMED REVOLT upon a Trump Re-Election in Nov. of 2020 = GET READY FOLKS !!!


 photo ChineseUppers.jpg

Chinese & Warsaw Pact Upper Handguards $10 to $19.95 - send e-mail for ALL Uppers that are available !!!

SVD KIDS photo isischildrenfighters_featured.jpg
Scope with Throw Lever Mount photo SCOPE.jpg
   AK Receiver Rails in plastic (new) $20
Brand New Warsaw-Pact AKM (Non-Vented) Gastube $39.95 + Shipping !!!
AMD-65 Gas Tubes                $5ea.
AKM lower Retainer plates  $15
  AKM High Quality European Single-hook Triggers @ $3 ea.
  High Quality European AK Hammer Springs @ $10 each 
 High Quality European AK Hammers European $5 ea. 
  Russian AK-74 Mag floorplate  $5
   AK Gas Pistons       $5 ea.
  Complete "Double-Hook" Trigger
GROUP $35ea. (Trigger, hammer, Sear & sear spring).
  AK-47 Sears with & w/o tails $5 ea. & w/o tails $4 each 

Upper Handguard Insulator photo AK_PARTS_003.jpg

Upper Wood Handguard Insulator $3 + Shipping !


RARE Chinese 20rd. AK Mag = SOLD to a Norinco Collector - CALL (720) 940-1458



Norinco Pre-1994 U.S. Imported 100rd. & 75rd. Drums SOLD to a Norinco Collector !!!



QR bipod photo IMG_20140427_173911293.jpgpile if QR bipods photo IMG_20140427_173859563.jpg
Important NOTICE: These Chinese Norinco/NcStar Quick Release Bipods were recently discontinued

by Norinco/NcStar, because the Chinese have seen that 'Millennials' would rather buy $1,000 iPhones

or consumer crap on Amazon & PLAY 'Video War Games' like Tour of Duty - instead of buying AKs & AK Bipods !!!

SOLD OUT= resupply UNCERTAIN !!!
 (*Note: will NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
Image result for ak front sights



Just TRADED Like New Poly-Tech 75rd. AK-47 Drum to Denver Mag Dealer Ray Garcia !!!



REALLY NICE Romanian AIMS-74 Bolt, Carrier & AIMS-74 Gas Tube with Bakelite Upper = SOLD to a Romanian AK-74 Collector in Florida !!!



Norinco Vented Gas Tube SOLD to a SMART Norinco Collector

in Minnesota on GunAuction.com for $39.95 + shipping = Call 720-940-1458



Actual Soviet AKM New Stock Set with RPK Pistol Grip - SOLD to a Return Colorado Customer recently !!!

To purchase other Nice AK Stocks - contact (720) 940-1458 or: ak47world@yahoo.com


Also while THIS WEBSITE is Primarily a Site for the SALE of AK & Combloc Weapons Parts & Ammo,

it's also a website that EXPOSES LIBS who want to TAKE AWAY OUR 2nd Amendment Rights,

or in the Case of LIBTARDS at paymentcloudinc.com

who TRIED to TELL AK47World.com

to REMOVE Our Obama Devil Picture & Hogg with Hitler Photo !!!



NEWS FLASH - Jan. 9, 2019 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

'Democrap Scum' from New Jersey = Senators Cory 'Spartacus' Booker D-N.J. &

'Little Girl-Pedophile' Sen. Bob Menendez D-N.J. (who should be in Prison)

'introduced their Moronic "2019 Assault Weapons Ban" on Jan. 9, 2019 !!!

BANNING the SALE or Transfer of So-Called 'Assault Weapons' (AKs, ARs, HKs, etc.) !!!

https://www.menendez.senate.gov/news-and-events/press/menendez-booker-colleagues-introduce-assault-weapons-ban /////////////////////////

Had a Board Fairy ('Little Boy') at a Recent Gun Show

WHINE about WHY New Norinco Mags were MUCH HIGHER-Priced than

European Mags, cuz the 'Little Boy' didn't want to HEAR

the 'Politics' of Bill Clinton's May 22, 1994 Executive Order making ALL

Chinese 'Military-Issue' AK & SKS Parts/Mags/Guns into "Implements of War',

while EXEMPTING Russian & Warsaw-Pact (Eastern European AK & SKS Parts)

from Import into the USA after May 22, 1994 !!!



BEWARE of 3 Position AK Receivers from China, Egypt & Russia

that ARE OUT THERE = as the ATF can Charge You with

"Illegal Machine-Gun Possession" with 3rd Axis Pin Receivers!!!


NEWS FLASH - Jan. 9, 2019 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

'Democrap Scum' from New Jersey = Senators Booker

& Menendez (who should be in Prison) introduced their "2019 Assault Weapons Ban" on Jan. 9, 2019 !!!

BANNING the SALE or Transfer of So-Called 'Assault Weapons' (AKs, ARs, HKs, etc.) !!!


Scumbag Sen. Cory Booker said 'This assault weapons ban

is a common-sense solution, supported by a majority of

('brain-dead' Democrats only) Americans, that will keep weapons

meant for the battlefield (really, how Douchebag?)

outside of our schools, movie theaters, churches, and other public places.

(Really Ass Clown = HOW with your 'Magic Safety Wand' Legislation?)

This should not be a partisan issue because it is

really a matter of public health and safety! (like in Calif. & Chicago?)



Finally, there's a Douchebag with a Douchebag sounding name ('DASILLY'),

who along with other 'Board Fairies' seems to IGNORE AK47World's 20+ Years

of A+ Ratings from the Denver/Boulder BBB (Better Business Bureau)

who says unsubstantiated CRAP like: "Dasilly If you search his name on other firearms forums

you will see that he has been a scam artist for over 10 years.

(but I've been in business for 21 years?)

His website was filled with stolen images of items he was claiming to own and trying to sell."

Not only is "Dasilly" an Ass Clown who can't SHOW ANY EVIDENCE of his Horseshit,

but as the Denver/Boulder BBB shows, AK47World has No Open,

or Unresolved Complaints = so where's your PROOF of SCAMMING People, little boy Dasilly ???


And while someone was SPOOFING AK47World's real email address of: sales@ak47world

while AK47World NEVER SPAMS or SPOOFS people & had sales@ak47world.com

BLACKLISTED by the Barracuda Firewall folks, that will SOON be fixed (they say) !!!

So in the meantime, you can use our back up email of: ak47world@yahoo.com

or use our MAIN email address of: sales@ak47world.com

//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////

Case in Point = "Liberal #FakeNewsPunks", like Jeremy Jojola of 9news in Denver

SLAM Trump for his #SHUTDOWN for the Border Wall

while ignoring the FACT that Trump only wants to PROTECT Americans from illegal-Alien Criminals,

as 'Punk Boy' Jojola NEVER said a Word about Obama's 15 Day Shutdown in 2013

to FORCE us to buy Obama's illegal Mandatory Obamacare CRAP !!!


And then there's #FakeNewsBoy - Kyle Clark of 9 News #KUSA

who stupidly says "The NRA's Products put Holes in People" !!!

And these 2 #AssClowns work at the Trump & GOP-hating 9 News in Denver, Colorado

and who constantly LIE about Trump, Republicans & the #Border Wall !!!

And the DANGER in these ISIS & Illegal Alien-Loving #FakeNewsTurds

is that the MORE Homicidal illegals that Democrats LET into the USA

the More Shootings it Yields the Democrat Gun Control Scheme

to 'TRY' to TAKE AWAY our AK's & AR's, etc. !!!

Also a Dec. 22, 2018 post from Trump-backer Kristy Greczkowski (on Facebook) said,

"Oct 2013, Obama shut down the government for 16 days to force Obamacare.

A friendly reminder America. Secure our borders."

(The post was TAKEN DOWN by Facebook 'NAZI' = Mark Zuckerberg

as part of Facebook's HATRED of Conservatives & Trump Supporters

in what Facebook said was, "An effort to combat false news and misinformation on Facebook") !!!


Oh, oh 'Board Fairies' = I'm BACK !!!

As I continue to FRUSTRATE 'Little Boys' on their Juvenile Gun Boards -

TRUE Collectors & those SEEKING OEM AK & Combloc Weapons Parts KNOW

this is the PLACE for COOL AK & Combloc Stuff !!!

And hey boutcha Punk, I'm 'Re-Paying' what you did on eBay

to others SELLING the SAME STUFF

as I was + we'll CALL the 'boutcha Purge' !!!

What Goes Around = Comes Around !!!