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 Here's what one of the ONLINE AK Forums says about

I/O (Interordnance) Century Arms + other U.S. Made AKs:

I.O, Century's manufactured C39 V1 & V2, RAS47, Hesse, Blackheart,

Lee Armory are NOT recommended here. If you want to know

why, use our search feature and read for hours and see pictures.


 'Foreign-Built AK's - Built in 'REAL Foreign Military Arsenals' !!!


While AK47World.com has FOR YEARS been telling 'Newbies' to Buy Foreign Military Arsenal-Built AKs by the

actual Military Arsenals (Cugir, Arsenal, Izhmash, Molot, F.E.G., Norinco/Poly-Tech, Maadi) - but some People don't Listen !!!

IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING AN AK (Reprinted from AK Nation's Facebook Page)

Cenurty arms , Clearview AMD-63, PSA AK (do they even make a non-blem?) and I.O. is junk. Dont get mad when you post your shit rifle and dont get the response your cry baby ass wanted. THESE PICTURES APPLY TO THE FOLLOWING MODELS AND MANUFACTURERS

RAS 47. Uses cast trunnions and I've provided proof they are soft.

C39 V1 /V2 use a cast bolt and carrier that snaps or mushrooms/peens like warm butter. Putting a polish milled bolt and carrier in will not fix this because now the bolt and carrier are substantially harder than the Cenurty receiver itself and will beat itself to death

PSA AK . need I say more. Every one is a blem . they stopped production due to qc issues . started with cast parts then moved to milled billet which is still softer than hammer forged parts that the ak was designed to use.

RILEY DEFENSE. Cast parts. I.o. quality level.

I.O. is garbage through and through. Every single part they produce is sub-spec junk.

CLEARVIEW builds those cheap ass AMD-63s y'all see. They use ESS barrels that test at 5 HRC on the hardness scale (warm dog shit ) they also over gas the rifles to get them to cycle by massively oversizing the gas port. They will also grind bolt lugs to achive headapace.

If you own any of these. Get over it. You bought junk. These are facts and not a personal attack. But when you get so butthurt about it, you are going to get tore up by people who own real AKs and actually have knowledge and experience with them. ****************************************************************************************************************

Well Folks, YOU KNOW after another CRAZY 'Leftist' Democrat (Nikolas Cruz), who Likes Jihadis too

Shot Up a Florida School on Valentine's Day (as Facebook ignored his Posts posing with Guns & Threatening

to do what he did) = Democrats WILL BLAME "Assault Weapons" (again), not one of their own !!! *********************************************************************************************************************

Dear MoveOn member,

Wednesday, another mass shooting took place in a school leaving 17 people dead and many others severely injured. It was the 18th school shooting in 2018, and it's only the Middle of February

The shooter used an AR-15, a 'Military-style Assault Weapon' with large capacity magazines. This type of weapon was also used in previous mass shootings (by Democrats & their Jihadi Buddies), including Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, Sutherland Springs, and Las Vegas.

We do not want to hear our state and federal officials offering their thoughts and prayers for this latest tragedy—we want action now!

Sign the petition to ban "Military-style Assault Weapons" and large capacity magazines in civilian society. They are designed to kill and injure large numbers of people in a short period of time.

(Nevermind that Motor Vehicles weren't DESIGNED to KILL People, but with Drunk & Stoned Democrats behind the Wheel = Traffic Fatalies FAR Outpace Gun Deaths in America !!!)

Our schools must be havens for learning where students can feel safe and not have to worry about being gunned down in their own classrooms, or on the playground. "Military-style assault Weapons" are weapons of war and have no place in our communities.

(Yet Disarming 'Law-Abiding' U.S. Citizens won't STOP KILLERS with Guns 'Slaughtering' Unarmed Victims, but Democrats can't be 'bothered' with REALITY !!!)

We cannot allow the daily carnage in our country to be the new normal.

Tell Trump, Congress, and Florida legislators to act now to ban military-style assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


—Andy Pelosi, The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus


So, Buy What You NEED NOW, because Democrats are TOO STUPID to Arm Teachers like the Israelis do !!!

As the Communist/Democrats instead WANT to BAN Your AKs & ARs !!!

Here's the Democrats "Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste" Agenda to BAN Semi-Autos

(You'll have to 'LOG IN' to your Facebook Account

to SEE the Dem's Horseshit about the NRA Buying Republicans !!!) **************************************************************************************************************

Sen. Ted Cruz: "The reaction of Democrats to any tragedy is to try to politicize it.

So they immediately start calling to take away 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens."

Here's Sen. Ted Cruz On "Fox & Friends," slamming the Low-Life Democrats' attempts to 'Use' the massacre in Florida.


Also, the FBI would like to apologize for not following up on a tip they received about the Florida School shooter

5 MONTHS AGO, as they were too busy obstructing justice, covering up their attempts to rig an election,

ignoring High Crimes by Democrats, investigating fake Russia/Trump Horseshit, and wiretapping Donald Trump = SORRY KIDS !!! *********************************************************************************************************

Ironically Wednesday, Feb. 14th in testimony for "No Permits-Required" Concealed Weapons Carry at the Colorado State Capitol

(SB-97) yours truly, Dan "The A-K Man" King "Bitch-Slapped" all the PAID George Soros "Astro-turf Protesters"

who demanded Guns be restricted in light of the Florida School Shooting !!!

Where I of course, pointed out how Schools are "Gun-Free Zones" & that leftist killers aren't deterred by

STUPID Democrat "Gun Control" & that arming more teachers, like the Israelis do = is what stops School killers !!!


The FBI is desperate to suppress the memo the simple fact is they are corrupt

from the bottom to the very top. Federal Marshals need to arrest directors managers and supervisors and interrogate.

The J. Edgar Hoover building should be surrounded and sequestered and the rank-and-file should be fingerprinted

and told not to leave the country. Federal marshals should inspect every piece of paper

every computer from the top to the bottom in that building.

The FISA court judges should be suspended and given notice they are under federal investigation.

All should be informed that they are being investigated for sedition, conspiracy and treason.

Dan Bongino ✔ @dbongino "Ironic that the FBI is battling to “mask” the names of government officials

involved in the unmasking of Trump team officials in an illicit spying operation." #ReleaseTheMemo

Former Attorney General Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder came unhinged over the FISA memo Wednesday and trashed Chairman Nunes.

Joy Reid of MSNBC claims no one knows of MS-13 gangs. How out of touch are libs?


TacoBoy DroolerBoy DemPlan PelosiBULLSHIT LMAO

NOTICE: If you're an AK Files Punk & Douchebag like Chris Garrett, who LIES about the Owner of AK47World

on Facebook, or ANYWHERE ELSE = you WILL BE EXPOSED for the LIAR & Punk you are !!!

Chris Garrett reviewed AK47World.com — 1 star January 15 at 6:50am · "this guy is unprofessional (LMAO at Punk Boy Chwissie - who's advice on AKFiles is as Worthless as he is !!!), overpriced (if you're not below wholesale to AKFiles Fairies = you're overpriced, as AKFiles Punks are Commies, who put down any Profits by Retailers!), and an angry little child (sounds MORE like you, little 'Chwissy').......head over to akfiles if you want real advice" = (LMAO = see How I expose the RETARDED 'Advice' given on Pre-Ban & Post Ban AK's by AKFiles RETARDS, below !!!)

AK47World: TOO BAD for Ass Clown Chris Garrett that I EXPOSE (below) How Full of Shit the Morons on AKFiles are about 'Pre-Ban' & 'Post-Ban' AKs & of course 'Punk Bitch' Chris Garrett forgets to tell you that you'll have to join their little 'Clique of AKFiles Douchebags' who won't SELL you anything unless you PM them & they 'approve' of you & then they'll want payment by USPS Money Order, or as a 'Gift' thru PayPal = so you can't complain to PayPal, or the Post Office if they RIP YOU OFF !!!)........"also, this weirdo once offered to give a BJ on his website (another Chwissy Garrett LIE, as one of his fellow AKFiles homosexuals typed that Horseshit himself & wittle 'Chwissy' is just repeating AKFiles Horseshit like he ALWAYS DOES...) if you bought a certain product"

Not ONLY is Punk Bitch 'Chwissy Garrett' a lying little AKFiles Douchebag,

he's obviously a LOSER & probably wants to give dudes Blow Jobs himself !!!

Because the Owner of AK47World doesn't have the homosexual habits that AKFiles 'Fairies'

like little 'Chwissy Garrett' seems to have = Just Look at his Gay-Looking Punk Ass!!!

NOTICE: Despite Douchebag Chris Garrett telling YOU to Go to AKFiles for 'Real Advice' = here's an EXAMPLE of the RETARDED Horseshit on AKFiles, as ANYONE who knows what the Fuck he's talking about on 'Pre-Ban' & Post-Ban' AK's KNOWS that while Sept. 13, 1994 pertained to U.S. made Rifles, like the AR-15 under the now Sunsetted 1994 Crime Bill, 'Pre-Ban' AK's, unlike the Post-Ban "Modified AK-47 of 1990" (MAK-90), with Foreign Receivers, had to be produced & Imported PRIOR to Nov. 30, 1990 & WILL HAVE an Actual 'Pre-Ban' Model designation & a bayonet Lug, or an attached folding Bayonet (Poly-Tech), or on Poly-Tech Legend Models, a provision for a Type 1 Bayonet that REAL 'Pre-Ban' AKs like the Norinco 56S AKs, or Poly-Tech 'AKS-762' & 'AKS-223' AK's will have, not Post-Ban' (Imported after Nov. 30, 1990) AK's like the MAK-90, NHM-90, BWK-92, NMH-91, MAK-91, SAR-1, SAR-2, SAR-3 with Foreign Receivers !!!

So here's an Example of the RETARDED CRAP found on AKFiles:

MangoBango AKaholic #: 186037 Join Date: Apr 2016 Location: Worcester, MA Posts: 10 Default How to ‘Prove’ Norinco / Polytech are Pre-Ban I am in MA where, as of right now, I can only transfer a pre-ban (1994) AK. Problem is that our Attorney General has FFL’s wetting their pants and it is up to me to ‘prove’ that it is in fact Pre-ban. I was looking to transfer a Mak90 with a ‘93’ serial number, but that is not good enough. I emailed Norinco, but heard nothing back yet (doubtful they will respond). If the owner does not have original purchase records, are there any authoritative resources out there that would help me build a case to the FFL? My other option is to find a Polytech, which I think would be an easier sell, but I may just end up in the same situation. Thank you ******************************************************************************************************************

Here's another RETARDED misconception' of the Actual Dates of a 'Pre-Ban' AK from AKFiles Moron: "panzertruppe" !!!

panzertruppe AKaholic #: 3934 Join Date: May 2005 Posts: 15,055

What IS a "pre-ban"!? I ALWAYS considered anything before ther '92 ban, "pre-ban"... If it enters after that, Verbotten! unt Post-ban. '93 is post.... But built to comply with the laws in place then. Easy answer: Move....... panzertruppe ******************************************************************************************************************

Here's an EVEN MORE RETARDED 'Piece of AKFiles Advice" that Douchebag Chris Garrett says you can get on AKFiles = LMAO !!!

from AKFiles Member "Reckless": AKaholic #: 164841 Join Date: Oct 2012 Location: Albuquerque, NM Posts: 447

Reckless: "Find another FFL that knows WTF. (Obviously 'little-boy' Reckless doesn't KNOW either!!!)

"Pre ban' is nebulous because we could be talking about the '89 Bush ban or the '94 AWB. The one you need to pass is the '94 AWB as current MA law is based on an extension of that (whereas it expired in 2004 most everywhere else)"

AK47World REALITY = Another Gay AKFiles 'misinterpretation' of what IS a 'Pre-Ban' AK, or SKS (Imported Prior to Nov. 30, 1990) & what isn't, as the Sept. 13, 1993 Crime Bill DIDN'T Ban the Import of Chinese MAK-90's & SKS Rilfes, BECAUSE that was already DONE 5 Months earlier with Bill Clinton's May 22, 1994 "Implements of War" Executive Order that BANNED the Import of ALL Chinese Sporter AKs (due to Russian Blackmail with video of Bill Clinton having Orgies with KGB Whores in Moscow at the Hotel National in 1969, when Clinton went to Moscow to take his 'KGB Oath' to lead Anti-Vietnam War Protests in England & the U.S.), like the MAK-90 & even the SKS Rifles, which the Chinese by that time was TOLD by ATF to remove their Folding Bayonets, because ONLY Chinese SKS Bayonets were 'Deadly', not Romanian, Russian, Albanian, Yugoslavian AKS Rifles ???

MORE AK47World 'REALITY" = Again, Moron AKFiles Ass Clown 'Reckless' says, "The '94 AWB killed ALL imports of Chinese rifles and pistols. Full stop." = Wrong as Hell, Reckless as I SAID ABOVE, Bill Clinton's May 22, 1994 XO Killed the Import of Chinese 'Military-Style' Rifles, but Norinco 'Coach Guns' & a few other Chinese 'Non-Military Rifles' & Pistols were still allowed to be Imported.

Reckless: "So if it's a Chinese AK built for the US market, it's a pre-ban by MA law and by the '94 AWB. The 'true pre-ban' full-featured AK's imported prior to '89, also 'pre ban' by MA law." = WRONG as HELL, Moron Boy 'Reckless' !!!

More 'Reckless' Retardation: "Sadly, the Chinese AK is one of the easiest to prove as being pre-94, so hopefully you can find an FFL that's willing to work with you."

More AK47World REALITY + Reckless, is as his Moron Handle suggests, is an Ass Clown & doesn't KNOW what the Fuck he's talking about, trying to SAY

an MAK-90 is a 'Pre-Ban' AK = Total AKfiles RETARDED Horseshit & Further Proof of the Pathetic 'Advice' from 'Wannabes' on AKFiles !!! ****************************************************************************************************************************** AKaholic #: 3462 Join Date: Jan 2005 Posts: 359 Default Quote: Originally Posted by panzertruppe What IS a "pre-ban"!? I ALWAYS considered anything before ther '92 ban, "pre-ban"... If it enters after that, Verbotten! unt Post-ban. '93 is post.... But built to comply with the laws in place then. Easy answer: Move....... panzertruppe ************************************************************************************************************************

Here we have another AKFiles Wannabe Expert', Ned Flanders, who has tried to SLAM AK47World before,

but obviously doesn't KNOW what a REAL 'Pre-Ban' AK is:

Ned Flanders AKaholic #: 3462 Join Date: Jan 2005 Posts: 359

"Your numbers are all off. The bans were in 1989 and 1994. So both '92s and '93s and even '91s and '90s would be pre-bans for the '94 Clinton ban but post-bans for the '89 Bush ban. However, this is an AK forum. The only ban that has relevance to imported firearms(AK's before the US market), is the '89 ban. The only time the '94 ban comes up is when talking about the handful of silly states that kept the ban or made a new one. If you see the term pre-ban while browsing an AK or imported firearm type, it's 1989 they're talking about and nothing else...or should be. Silly states need to be appropriately identified prior to using the term. 89 came first."

AK47World = Wrong AKFiles Moron 'Ned Flanders', as you have AR-15 Pre-Bans regs MIXED UP with Post 1990 AKs with Foreign Receivers !!!

As I REPEAT AGAIN to RETARDED AKFiles Punks, to be an Actual 'Pre-Ban' AK, that Rifle would have to be Imported Prior

to Nov. 30, 1990 & will have a True Pre-Ban Model designation, like Norinco 56S, or Poly-Teck AKS-762 & a Bayonet Lug,

folding Bayonet, or a provision for a Type 1 Bayonet (i.e.- The Poly-Tech Legend Series of AKs!) *****************************************************************************************

Here we have another AKFiles homosexual LIAR, little 'Chwissy' Fleming, who like a Gay Robot, REPEATS AKFiles LIES !!! FagBoy

Christofer Fleming reviewed AK47World.com — 1 star January 15 at 9:57pm ·

"This guy makes Alex Jones look sane. Not to mention overpriced on most items, and takes other people's

pictures to use for his own. Heard he even offered "services" to people calling..."

NOTICE how Punks like Chwissy Fleming OMIT how AKFiles Fairies have bought RARE Chinese Type 63 Mags from AK47World

in the past for $39.95 & put them Up for Sale for $100, or the SAME with RARE N. Korean AK Mags & other RARE,

Collectible items they've bought from AK47World over the last 20 years = only to Resell them at MUCH Higher Prices !!!

Also Punks like wittle Chwissy Fleming OMIT that AK47World SOLD AK Ammo for .30 cents per round in Nov. & Dec. of 2008

(when Obama STOLE his 1st Election) & Cheaper than Dirt & others were .50 to .75 cents per round !!! ($500 to $750 case of 1000rds)

Also AK47World who remains a Retailer with 'Constant' Prices at a Small Profit = is WAY BELOW what Many Gun Shops Ammo for!

While AKFiles Fairies label anyone who isn't the Lowest Priced, as some sort of 'Rip-Off' ???

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Andrew Smith reviewed AK47World.com — 1 star January 15 at 3:15pm · "Dude is nuts and his websites clearly illustrates that."

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"The Plot Thickens"!!!

Bill and Hillary Clinton created what we call the “Clinton Crime Family”!

They’ve plotted their every move. Get rich, and destroy the country.

They got rich, and now they were just about to finish off the country when Donald Trump came in

like Superman to save the day & kicked Hillary Clinton’s ass right to the curb.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday morning QAnon dropped two posts that suggest in their famous tarmac meeting, former President Bill Clinton offered to then-Attorney General Lynch the Supreme Court seat of murdered Antonin Scalia, in exchange for Lynch making sure the FBI investigation into former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email server be stopped, exonerating Clinton of any criminal charges.

The first QAnon post was timestamped at 01:34:50, approximately 1:35 am ET on Tuesday, appearing as follows:

In this post, the critical line is the fourth line, in which QAnon writes: Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187]. Via

The second QAnon post was timestamped 01:41:04, approximately 1:41 am ET on Tuesday, written in response to an anonymous member asking if Lynch was offered a Supreme Court position if all charges were dropped in the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server at the State Department.

QAnon responds by encouraging us to build the timeline, repeating his assertion that Scalia was murdered.

Key dates in the timeline include the following:

Feb. 2, 2016: Podesta email re: “Wet-works,” slang for “murder”

Feb. 13, 2016: Podesta email regarding Scalia replacement

June 27, 2016: Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch

July 1, 2016: Loretta Lynch announces she will accept FBI findings

July 2, 2016: FBI interviews Hillary Clinton

July 5, 2016: James Comey dismisses Clinton email investigation

Decoding the QAnon post, we are directed to the Scalia murder (“AS 187”), the key

“HRC investigation pivot points” leading to Comey’s final letter

dismissing Clinton of criminal charges, read to the public on July 5, 2016.