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 Tanner Gun Show Jan. 28 & 29, 2017

 Denver Mdse. Mart Interstate 25 & 58th Ave.

 (451 E. 58th Ave., Denver, CO)

 Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 9am-4pm


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BornNovember 19, 1976 (age 40), St. Louis, MO
Height5′ 11″

*Soviet Slab-Side AK Mag photo AK-47-30Round-2-150.jpg

RARE Soviet 'Slab-Side' AK-47 Mags - just in

 Very Collectible = at least $100 ea. or Trades !!!

 MiledStock with Slabs & Bakelites photo 2552361_01_firingline_milled_receiver_ak__640.jpg

Also just rec'd SOME MORE Soviet Bakelite Mags

$79.95 + shipping or TRADES for AK Parts !!!

Attention Collectors: Once these RARE Soviet Mags

are SEEN by Customers at Next Weekend's Gun Show

at the Denver Mdse. Mart = these will GO FAST !!!


  photo dsc_0838.png

Just Received 'Yugo' (Zastava) 30rd. 'Bolt Hold Open'

AK Mags - $17.95 (nice) or $14ea. (scuffed) + Shipping

  Call 720-940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover


Recently Got in ALL Kinds of Cool AK Stuff, including A RARE New Poly-Tech® Chinese Drum (SOLD Jan. 23) !!!

Poly-Tech Drum &bes Chicom Gas Tubwe photo PolyTechDrumChicomGasTubes.jpgPolyTech AK Drum Open photo 20161223_163726.jpg

Poly-Tech AK Drum photo IMG_20161218_144101.jpg

  Here's a Partial List of AK Parts FOR SALE:

 Chinese Ventilated Gas Tubes $29.95 + Shipping

 you can pay with MC/VISA/Amex/Discover

or trades of AK/Combloc Parts,or AK Ammo

- CALL 720-940-1458 to purchase !!! 



AK47World just Received ALL KINDS of AK-47

& AK-74 Buttplates, Parts & swivels = CALL (720) 940-1458
or send e-mail to: ak47world@yahoo.com
New Laminated Wood AK Stock Set photo NewLaminatedStockSet.jpg
 New Laminated Russian 'Repro'
Stock Set READY for Staining $125 
 or $140 Stained + Shipping !!!
REALLY NICE Polish 30 Round AK-47 Mags for
Areas that can have them = $19.95 + shipping !!!
Attention: Colorado AK Mag Buyers: If you Want 15rd./30
Soviet Bakelite Mags & Polish Steel Military Issue 15/30 Mags
You NEED to GET YOUR Orders in NOW while we STILL have them !!! 
Call (720) 940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover !!! 
 Beautiful Polish Arsenal AK-47 Mags $19.95 ea.
Or 4/$90 Shipped - (BY PHONE) = CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!

Poly Tech 3 AK-47 Mag Clamp photo Poly3MagClamp.jpg

Chinese 3 Steel AK-47 Mag CLAMP $25 + shipping
Much Stronger than Cheap U.S.
Made Sheet Metal Mag Clamps makes
 GREAT 'Rifle Stand' to DISPLAY
AK's on your Gun Show Tables
or as a 'Poor Man's Bipod' 
at the Gun Range - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
 photo 20161224_123038.jpg
Chinese 3 Mag Clamps $25 + Shipping (pictured) & also have 2 Mag Clamps
($20 + Shipping) SOLID = don't buckle like Cheap Sheet Metal
AK Clamps & are SPACED perfectly apart, so Mags can be moved
from Side to Side without Staggering like with
the Cheap Sheet Metal Mags Clamps - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Attention - just rec'd some

AK Parts - CALL 720-940-1458

Hurry, as one of my 'AK Builder Buddies' 

WANTS a Price on ALL of the ITEMS Pictured !!!

Rusian AK-103 SF Knuckle photo 20161224_130033_1.jpg
 Attention - just rec'd some AK Parts CALL 720-940-1458 
 photo 7e830515-0fcf-4717-93a7-a49cd8453b15.jpg

 Russian 1400 Rds. 7.62x39mm photo IMG_7297.jpg

 photo IMG_7296.jpg

Just Rec'd Dec. 19th, 2016 - 1400 rd. Crates
 (Two 700 rd. Tins per crate) Russian 'Mil-Spec'
Lacquered-Case 7.62 x 39mm Ammo $440 Delivered !!!
  CALL (720) 940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!
('Original Equipment Manufacturer') "Military-Issue"
type Website for those who KNOW Real Value
in Original AK & Combloc Weapons Parts !!!
 photo 921cbcb9-e9c1-4921-89cc-e94bb997823d.jpg
BakeliteDec3rd2016 photo 20161203_102128.jpg
Soviet Bakelite Mags - 'Izhmash' REALLY NICE
$79.95 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
 Norinco 'Quick Release Bipods' ONLY $40 + Shipping 
if you CALL AK47World.com for INVOICE sent to you !!! 
 For MORE info: ak47world@yahoo.com
 (*Note: will NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
QR bipod photo IMG_20140427_173911293.jpgpile if QR bipods photo IMG_20140427_173859563.jpg
Hard-to-Find Chinese 'Quick-Release' AK-47 Bipods, also fits SKS/AK
Type Rifles & the Maadi RPK that you don't see just anywhere ! 
(models RPM & RML SERIES) AK Rifles - $39.95 + Shipping !!!
 (*Note: will NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
Buy one of these Norinco 'Quick Release Bipods' for $40 + shipping !!!
For MORE info: ak47world@yahoo.com
 (*Note: will NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
 Image result for ak front sights
 These Quick Release' Bipods REQUIRE an 'under Barrel Cleaning Rod'
(like SHOWN above) to KEEP from 'Flipping Around' on you with MAK-90's
& other AKs without a Cleaning Rod underneath their barrels !!!
Russian Izhmash AK-74 Plum 30 Round Mag photo IzhmashAK74Plum.jpg
30 round Russian 5.45 x 39mm 'Plum-Color'
Polymer Soviet Izhmash AK-74 Mags $49.95
+ Shipping - Call 720-940-1458 for more info !!!
Also, those CALLING about Wood Pistol Grips for your AK or RPK
Since Wood AK-47 Pistol Grips were blocked from import
by both the Clinton & Obama State Departments = $54.95 + Shipping!
DARK Poly Tech AK Wood Grip photo PolyTechGrip.jpg

We have a FEW Chinese Poly-Tech Grips left for $54.95 + shipping 

PLEASE CALL (720)  940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!

Golden Tiger Ammo Image 1 Golden Tiger Ammo Image 2
Russian Golden Tiger® is the BEST AK-47/SKS Ammo
for only $285* Delivered per 1000 rounds!
Call 720-940-1459 or (720) 988-0948 for Payment Details !!!
(*unless Obama declares Martial Law & then ALL Prices will be P.O.R.)

  45 Rd. Molot RPK-74  photo MolotRPK74.jpg 
Soviet 45 Round (5.45x39mm) Molot RPK-74 Mags
$84.95 + Shipping Call 720-940-1458 !!!
 photo ak47_5_round_chinese_magazines_1.jpg
  Norinco 5 Rd. AK-47 Mags SOLD at the Tanner Gun Show
 Dec. 17, 2016 seeking more - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
 photo 20160807_142000.jpgNCStar Scope 2 photo 20151012_111030.jpgNCStar Scope 1 photo 20151012_111015.jpg

 NcSTAR® 2 - 7x32 mm AO Rifle/Pistol Scope

$49.95 + Shipping - Great for AK's, Miosin Nagants

& Winchester Style Lever-Action Rifles - HIGHER Priced elsewhere !!!

from NcSTAR
 AK47Store.com Price: $39.95 (MSRP is $59.99) 
 To purchase contact (720) 988-0948 or: ak47world@yahoo.com
  Long eye relief for extended mounting capability
CALL (720) 940-1458 to buy over the phone !!!

New AK-47 Pistol Style Krinkov Muzzle Brake -
standard AK-47
14 x 1mm LH Threads - $19.95 + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458
74 Brakes Side View photo 20161204_165358.jpg
AK47World has BOTH Romanian AIM-74 'AK-74 Style' Muzzle Brakes
in 22mm Right Hand Thread (left-side of Photo) & Standard AK-74
(Right-side of photo) in 24mm x 1.5mm Thread
Muzzle Brakes $50 + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458

Tapco G2 Double-Hook Trigger & Hammer Set. SOLD !!!

Have another out of pkg. $35 CALL (720)-940-1458